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About Us

Heartbeat Christian News Franchises offers an affordable and Godly business opportunity for hardworking Christians who want to make a difference.

Our mission is to spread the word of God, rightly divided, and support franchisees who want to make a living helping fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ!

Our Initiatives

Discover the incentives that make Heartbeat Christian News Franchises unique and profitable

Advertising Network

Build and expand a successful advertising and distribution network to determine your own income

Excellent Reputation

Benefit from our high-quality print newspaper and independent Christian news status to attract advertisers

Free or Paid Promotion

Promote advertisers through your website and social media platforms at no additional charge or create an additional income stream by charging for these methods

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The History & Future

Discover why you can succeed as a franchisee of Heartbeat Christian News with NO experience!

Lead by Example

Almighty God is Who led Todd Abraham to start Heartbeat Christian News and qualified the called as Christians have learned over the years. Having never worked on the production side of the newspaper business, God blessed Todd to acquire the rights to Heartbeat Christian News for $1 in 2007. In 11+ years, God has established this newspaper and blessed Todd with a near scientific method of success for which he can train you. There really is no experience necessary! Just a strong amount of faith, an established work ethic and perseverance is all you need.

Lowest Priced Franchise

Not only is Heartbeat Christian News a true work of the Lord but it also is one of the lowest priced franchises in the nation. Most franchises start at about $150,000 just to be called a franchisee of that particular company: NOT Heartbeat Christian News! Then you have the added expense of restaurant build-outs or vehicles to buy and brand and usually hiring and training a staff of employees before you can even get started. With Heartbeat Christian News, once the franchisee fee is paid, you are done with all big expenses. After that, you only have your monthly print costs, monthly royalty (which we will scale down the more ad revenue you bring in) and your distribution costs. You can build your distribution network as you grow as far as stands are concerned. Most, if not all, franchisees should be able to make their initial investment back within the first year if not sooner!

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Become a part of a successful group of franchisees who are making a good income laboring in the gospel of Jesus Christ!
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